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ché! because I am me!

Early spring Che session in exceptional circumstances!
Vienna is a beautiful city. Majestic and elegant tenement houses, monumental monuments full of history pleases the eye and impress, and idyllic gardens and green alleys are a feast for the senses.
The density of details, sculptures, monuments and facades is intimidating, and on the other hand, it is the perfect background for our latest 2023 collection - light, urban, where classic meets a hint of extravagance...

lookbook 2023

Natural circumstances of nature, climatic beaches, quiet city boulevards, coffee sipped in an atmospheric cafe… Such is the chê! Calm, natural, unforced. Our latest session perfectly corresponded with the late autumn aura, showing the character of the brand.

lookbook 2022

chê! it's high-quality materials that ensure convenience and comfort of use.



The most popular high quality material is used for production of the glasses. A derivative of plastic, resistant to scratches and external damage. A characteristic feature is a very high gloss that stays on the frames for many years. Using acetate, you can create even large frames that will not weigh down on the nose.


Spectacle frames made of ultem are an ideal proposition for active people, where there is a greater risk of mechanical damage and fractures. Compared to classic frames made of metal, they are lighter by up to 50%. 
They are completely safe for allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin, as they do not cause allergies.

vision che!

Our goal is to create a collection based on a sense of comfort, lightness and staying yourself. We want our products to harmonize with the client's natural look. Our collection includes timeless shapes with minimalist details that will work for any occasion, as well as bolder, eye-catching models.



I'm me! I value my independence! I love life!

stainless steal

An unconventional alternative to titanium frames. A metal that combines the most important features of each luminaire: corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and thermoplasticity. Used in the production of even very thin and delicate frame elements. Steel is nickel-free, which makes the product hypoallergenic.


Titanium, as one of the highest quality eyewear materials, enables the production of ultra-light glasses, which is necessary to ensure comfort of wearing for a long time.
It is allergen-free and therefore also suitable for people with metal allergies.


It is a durable, flexible and hypoallergenic material, of which technology allows to create comfortable and flexible glasses.
It is pleasant in contact with the skin, gives a feeling of warmth, which is especially important in winter.
Like the previous ones, this material is also durable, but more flexible. It is ideal for frames for small children who are in constant motion and for athletes.


An important advantage of plastic frames is their lightness. Despite its lightness, it is a product that is quite resistant to
mechanical damage, therefore it should not be damaged if it falls to the ground. These types of frames are more visible on the face than their metal counterparts.

The contractor's panel is intended for optical stores that cooperate with our company. It allows you to easily and quickly order corrective frames and sunglasses,
check the availability of goods, as well as issued VAT invoices. If you are our client and you have access to the panel, please click "PANEL B2B".

If you wish to become our client, please contact us.



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ché! is a company created with passion, customer care and commitment, based in Poland, with domestic capital.

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